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ISO Safe Series

1 - 250 kVA

ISO Safe delivers clean power to safeguard sensitive equipment from all kinds of power fluctuations and prevents electrical noise. They come with line-isolation and additional surge-suppression components to ensure continuous line filtering for a full range of power line noise and increased load safety through galvanic isolation. ISO Safe can be designed for different K ratings.


  • Total galvanic isolation
  • High reliability
  • High common mode noise rejection ratio
  • Low line leakage current
  • Low losses & noise
  • Generator compatibility
  • No waveform distortion
  • Immune to load PF & supply frequency variations
  • Rugged design
  • IS 2026 & IEC 60076 certified
Range 1 - 250 kVA
Input Voltage Range 240 - 500 V
Input Frequency 50 Hz
AC - AC Efficiency > 98%
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 ° C
Ingress Protection IP 20 & others on request
Insulation Class H & F
Bypass Switch Optional