Voltsafe PLUS – Oil CooledFront Angle
Voltsafe PLUS – Oil CooledSide Angle
Voltsafe PLUS – Oil CooledBack Angle

Voltsafe PLUS – Oil Cooled

6 – 200 kVA

Voltsafe Plus oil-cooled servo stabilizer delivers constant stabilized output voltage for your critical application loads. The micro-processor based control system  monitors and manages precise measurement and correction of system output voltage. The True RMS sensing enables, stabilizes & controls output voltage even under adverse waveform conditions. The firmware controlled buck-boost transformer provides efficiency up to 97%. This helps achieve better TCO and also provides effective protection for critical loads  against high-low voltage & frequency, overload, phase correction, High N-E voltage, short circuit & spikes.


  • Configurable output voltage as per user requirement 
  • Auto start functionality for hassle-free operation 
  • High MTBF to assure continuous power availability 
  • Configurable trip time delay to achieve better protection & fault handling capacity 
  • Better output voltage regulation ±1% to have stable output power 
  • Genset compatibility for seamless power continuity during blackout 
  • Metering accuracy ±1% for accurate power measurement 
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Range 6 – 200 kVA
Input Power Factor Immune to Load PF
Input Frequency 47 ~ 53 +/- 0.5% H
Output Voltage 415 V
AC - AC Efficiency > 97%
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 ° C
Correction Speed 50V/sec (Ph-N)
Cooling Oil Cooled
Protection IP20
Relative humidity 0 – 95% non-condensing
Noise level at 1m (dBA) =< 60dB at 1 meter distance
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