Basics of Battery Health Monitoring System

Last Updated on: 27-02-2023

Battery is the most important facet behind any uninterrupted power source, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity, in case of power disruption or outage. And understanding the basics of battery health monitoring system and their benefits are an important aspect of your uninterruptible power continuity.

What is BHMS?

Battery health monitoring system simply abbreviated as BHMS is an intelligent and sophisticated system dedicatedly used to monitor the health and efficiency of batteries. With BHMS in place, ensure uninterrupted power by minimizing battery failure risk.

A BHMS requires a 24VDC power supply and it can store up to 10 lakhs events in permanent storage. We can check the parameters for n number of batteries. The voltage range measurement is up to 0-18VDC/0-3VDC and the current range measurement is up to 600A. Communication to the PC is via RS485 and MODBUS.

Parameters monitored through BHMS

  • Each battery’s cell voltage 

  • Battery bank net voltage & AH 

  • Battery’s terminal temperature 

  • Ambient temperature 

  • Battery’s charging current 

  • Battery’s discharging current 

  • Internal resistance at charging and discharging modes 

  • AH – charging, discharging 

  • Online status of battery bank 

Benefits of BHMS

BHMS ensures improvement in battery life and its bank performance, assures uninterrupted power supply, and reduces maintenance costs. Ensure safety and have better battery performance with BHMS. The following are the benefits to end users if a Battery health monitoring system is deployed

  • Real-time continuous monitoring of all the above said parameters 

  • Weak batteries / cells identification before failure 

  • Remote monitoring of single or multiple battery banks 

  • Data logger facility with tailor-made log reports 

  • Audible & visual alarm for any battery failure within the bank 

  • Charging and discharging status monitoring 

  • Purchasing of batteries/cells through planned schedules, not an emergency replacement 

Understanding the basics of Battery Health Monitoring System (BHMS) helps in taking necessary actions to ensure uninterrupted business continuity. You can also explore how the battery solutions offered by Numeric gives you a distinct advantage.

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