Data Center

The landscape of Data Centers is evolving at a rapid pace, and there is a growing emphasis on the importance of Business Continuity. The risks associated with downtime call for high system resilience, making it essential to have smart and secure power backup solutions, which are agile, scalable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. 

Our power backup solutions ranging from 10kVA to 21MW come with customizable configurations that can be tailored to the business requirements of Data Centers of various sizes. 

Drawing on over two decades of experience in modular UPS technology, rely on us for mission-critical applications that require uninterrupted, clean power. 

Numeric UPS


From modern Data Center design to secure hybrid cloud infrastructure, agility is essential in power management to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of Data Centers. Whether it is to respond quickly to variations in load, or be compatible with different electrical systems, or adapt to the surrounding environment and application, our agile power backup solutions are fully equipped to integrate seamlessly with the diverse requirements of data centers.

Numeric UPS


Scale of operations in Data Centers is not just limited to its floor space but also includes the complexity of infrastructure and the level of redundancy to ensure reliable and maximum uptime for mission critical applications. The hot-swap system & N+1 architecture of our modular UPS allows installations to be scalable, and achieve redundancy and hot serviceability resulting in greater flexibility and optimized performance of data centers.

Numeric UPS


At Numeric, we understand why optimized energy efficiency and high levels of reliability are required for an overall reduction in the TCO of Data Centers. Our power backup solutions are designed to reach efficiency levels of upto 96% and have a unity power factor, allowing for an effective reduction in operating expenses of Data Centers.

Numeric UPS


Sustainability is critical in the designing and operations of Data Centers. Choosing the right power backup solutions is crucial to minimise the environmental impact and move towards a sustainable future. Built around the concept of a circular economy, our sustainable solutions for Data Centers are PEP certified and equipped to be highly energy efficient, resulting in the reduction of carbon footprints.