Healthcare and medical facilities require robust and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to withstand outages safely and effectively. Numeric understands the criticality of applications and offers custom-made solutions to suit the varied requirements of the healthcare segment. Numeric is committed to maintaining maximum uptime and a quick turnaround in service with its largest service infrastructure, more than 190 mw installed base, and 500+ healthcare brands that trust us. 

Numeric UPS

Critical Applications

Our dependable UPS systems provide clean and uninterrupted power backup for critical healthcare equipment and operations. In the event of a power anomaly or outage, our solutions ensure seamless switching and continuous backup, minimizing disruption and enabling smooth operations. Our solutions comply with all industry regulatory standards, maximizing uptime, improving efficiency, and ensuring continuity. With our sustainable power backup solutions, you can guarantee 24/7 power connectivity for essential equipment and care.

Numeric UPS

Tailored Solutions

The healthcare industry is a critical sector that demands tailored and high-quality power backup solutions due to its diverse infrastructure. Whether it is powering hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical banks, medical manufacturing, or telemedicine centers, they require tailored and high-quality power backup solutions due to its diverse and intricate infrastructure. Numeric understands the complexities inherent in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to delivering reliable power backup solutions that ensure seamless operations across the spectrum of healthcare facilities.

Numeric UPS

Robust Service & Support

To ensure the smooth functioning of UPS systems in critical sector like healthcare, it is vital to opt-in for efficient, on-time service and preventive maintenance. Owing to the largest service network and technical expertise, Numeric delivers timely and round-the-clock technical support to critical applications. Know more