Our Objective

Sustainability is at the core of our business objectives. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions by enabling customers and buildings to reduce their energy consumption through sustainable and highly efficient products. Our UPS production system is hence built on the idea of a circular economy, through responsible design, green procurement methods and use of alternative raw material we ensure that the end of the product life cycle, it can be transformed into high value-added resources useful for other production cycles. 

Sustainable Products

Environmental Information Declaration

PEP stands for Product Environmental Profile and is registered under the PEP ecopassport® Program, a type III environmental declaration according to the ISO 14025 standard. The PEP provides reliable information about product environmental impact through quantified and multi-criteria environmental data obtained from Life Cycle Assessment calculation. Reducing the impact of buildings on the environment starts with the design choices. For each product family we draw up an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) or PEP (Product Environmental Profile), a declaration that is like a environment photograph of the product. Informing users about the environmental impact of the products they use is therefore our top priority.

PEP helps earn LEED® certification

Approaching a building's electrical and networking infrastructure strategically can help meet a variety of goals, from energy savings to occupant comfort - and LEED certification. Our PEP products can collectively contribute up to 33 points in four credit areas to move building projects towards LEED certification.

Sustainable Products
Sustainable Products


Our R&D team is constantly working on developing highly efficient UPS systems that offer high and incremental performance with minimum energy dissipation concerning CO2 emissions. We are implementing processes and manufacturing products that drastically reduce our carbon footprints, compared to the past. But efficiency is not just high performance, it also means eco-design. It implies that our UPS is designed to be easily repaired, maintained and separated into its components. This increases the durability of our UPS and makes it reusable and recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

Our sustainability initiatives

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