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Valura IBB

1 - 3 kVA

Valura is a true double-conversion online single-phase UPS that comes with inbuilt batteries of 9AH. It is a dependable power backup solution with an input power factor of  >0.99, <10% THDi, upto 97% energy efficiency in ECO mode. Valura single-phase UPS comes with DSP controlled integrated circuit for a fast dynamic response for nonlinear loads and high-power factor under various loading conditions. It is ideal for a variety of workstations, ATMs, cash recyclers, POS systems, security surveillance equipment, and network accessories. 


  • In-built batteries with Plug N Play installation
  • DSP Controller for high performance
  • Input Power factor >0.99 for maximum active power
  • Intuitive LCD Display
  • Flame retardant cabinet for added protection.
  • Generator compatible
  • Solar compatible
  • ECO mode
  • Auto restart facility
  • Battery mode start-up
Plug N Play Brochure
User Manual
Quick setup guide
Range 1 - 3 kVA
Input Voltage Range FM 110 V - 3000 VAC
Input Power Factor > 0.90
THDi < 10%
Input Frequency 40-70 Hz
Output Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
ECO Mode 97%
Communication Option RS232 / USB /(SNMP & ModBus/Dry Contacts) (Optional)
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 ° C
Display Display LCD display panel
AC - AC Efficiency Upto 90%
Battery/Storage Compatibility VRLA, Tubular
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