As cities become smarter, infrastructure becomes more modern and technology takes center stage in governance, the need for highly reliable and efficient power backup solutions gains increasing significance. Numeric takes pride in being part of the country's development story by powering more than 150 airports, 200+ railway stations, 100 metros, 10+ smart cities, and an installed base of more than 200 MW by adding new energy to growth for a diverse range of infrastructure projects

Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted growth

As infrastructure development grows, the need for dependable power backup solutions and maximum uptime becomes apparent. Whether it is the smooth running of port operations or supporting the technological advancements that make smart cities sustainable and responsive, our reliable solutions help protect public safety, and maintain the smooth operations of critical infrastructure.

Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted technology

Technology supports every aspect of modern life and Numeric ensures that infrastructure projects stay connected and seamlessly operational. Our power backup solutions enable these projects to leverage the latest advancements for better governance and service delivery. At Numeric, we are committed to providing dependable and efficient power backup solutions, fostering our nation's infrastructure to thrive and prosper in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted transportation

Airports, Railways, and Metro Projects constitute the backbone of our nation's transportation infrastructure, serving as lifelines relied upon by billions, making it imperative that they operate smoothly and without any interruptions. Our robust power backup solutions ensure that these critical transportation hubs operate as intended. From baggage handling systems at airports to signalling systems in railways and metro networks, Numeric provides the power reliability needed for seamless travel experiences.