Solutions Overview

Mission critical industries have zero tolerance for downtime, so does homes and offices. Numeric has been working with customers across industries and segments to ensure uninterrupted power continuity. From industrial to commercial to residential, we have solutions for every application, across a wide power range from 600 VA to 21 MW. With an active installation base of over 1 million+ UPS, we are always closer to our customers, with 250+ service centres and over 1200 service professionals.

Residential and SOHO UPS Batteries
Residential and SOHO

Today, homes have transformed not just in terms of technological adaptation but also as multi-functional spaces like home offices, learning institutions and entertainment spaces. The modern household has multiple electronic devices like computers and accessories, home theatre systems, security systems and many more gadgets that enable smart living and make everyday tasks simple.   

Therefore, it’s crucial for your smart home to have an efficient power back-up system that will power your uninterrupted lifestyle. An efficient power back-up system also saves your expensive gadgets from damages that may arise due to erratic power supply or disruptions. So, whether you choose to work from home or create make-shift offices, carry out online learning sessions for children or entertain guests, you can power protect your homes with reliable and quality power back-up.   

Commercial UPS

From malls to commercial offices to retail establishments, customer experience is a key driver of growth. Multiple applications in commercial centers demand seamless business continuity and quality power availability. Our commitment to excellence in this segment extends to a range of need-based solutions, serving a diverse clientele that includes hotels, media houses, retail outlets, e-commerce enterprises, malls, and commercial offices

Data Center UPS
Data Center

The landscape of Data Centers is evolving at a rapid pace, and there is a growing emphasis on the importance of Business Continuity. The risks associated with downtime call for high system resilience, making it essential to have smart and secure power backup solutions, which are agile, scalable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. 

Our power backup solutions ranging from 10kVA to 21MW come with customizable configurations that can be tailored to the business requirements of Data Centers of various sizes. 

Drawing on over two decades of experience in modular UPS technology, rely on us for mission-critical applications that require uninterrupted, clean power. 

Manufacturing UPS

We take immense pride in providing reliable power backup solutions for a wide range of industries, including FMCG, engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, process industries, power generation, and warehousing. ​

The rapid advancements in technology and the growing significance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have placed an unprecedented emphasis on maintaining seamless process continuity. As the backbone of diverse industries, it has become essential to ensure uninterrupted operations to meet demanding production schedules.​

Contact our experts today to explore how our solutions can enhance your production processes and drive efficiency.

Healthcare UPS

Healthcare and medical facilities require robust and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to withstand outages safely and effectively. Numeric understands the criticality of applications and offers custom-made solutions to suit the varied requirements of the healthcare segment. Numeric is committed to maintaining maximum uptime and a quick turnaround in service with its largest service infrastructure, more than 190 mw installed base, and 500+ healthcare brands that trust us. 

Infrastructure UPS

As cities become smarter, infrastructure becomes more modern and technology takes center stage in governance, the need for highly reliable and efficient power backup solutions gains increasing significance. Numeric takes pride in being part of the country's development story by powering more than 150 airports, 200+ railway stations, 100 metros, 10+ smart cities, and an installed base of more than 200 MW by adding new energy to growth for a diverse range of infrastructure projects


In an industry where every millisecond counts, power backup is not just a luxury; it is the very essence that keeps operations pulsating. A single blink in the power grid can ripple into lost transactions, corrupted data, and crippled productivity. Our wide range of power backup solutions is specifically designed for the high-demanding environment of IT & ITES segment, offering seamless transitions during power outages, ensuring data integrity, and preventing costly downtime. From IT companies to BPOs, small startups to large enterprises, our UPS solutions cater to diverse IT infrastructure requirements.Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help our customers choose the right UPS for their needs and to troubleshoot any problems that they might encounter.


Education stands as a cornerstone of a nation's progress and empowerment and a reliable power supply becomes indispensable for educational institutions to function effectively, ensuring a seamless pursuit of knowledge. A power outage can disrupt classes, damage equipment, and even lead to data loss. Our solutions provide uninterrupted power backup for educational institutions of all sizes, from schools and colleges to training institutes and research centers, ensuring that the learning experience is not hampered. With more than 1000+ schools, 800+ colleges, 492 research centers, we are adding new energy to education. 


The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) segment is the backbone of the economy and thrives on seamless digital experiences. From online banking and mobile payments to automated teller machines and stock trading platforms, everything hinges on uninterrupted power. We understand the criticality of keeping your operations running smoothly, especially when dealing with banking operations, ATMs, and financial transactions. By powering more than 60,000 ATMs, and with an installed base of more than 1000+ MW, we ensure uninterrupted financial operations with our reliable solutions.