Installation & Commissioning

Our installation and commissioning services come with years of technical expertise in handling, designing, and managing complex infrastructure projects. Be it rigorous site tests, configuration of the UPS in accordance with the global standard procedures or detailed installation report, we take pride in ensuring quality power backup is available to your business at the earliest possible time.

Numeric UPS


A comprehensive test to assess the UPS environment through diligent site inspection is conducted before beginning the installation process. Numeric products are designed for delivering specified performances throughout their life cycle and the qualified team ensures the same. The process involves rigorous site tests and configuring the UPS system in accordance with the requirement, followed by a detailed installation report.

For an uninterrupted, flawless power run, the client too plays a stellar role and Numeric closely works with the client's team to optimize the equipment's performance.

Numeric UPS


Highly skilled service engineers make sure that the instruments, drawings, product manuals, inspection procedures are in order before conducting a live test. Numeric also educates the maintenance team and stakeholders on operations, safety aspects, do's and don'ts, escalation matrix and the emergency situation act.

On a successful site audit, the equipment is handed over along with the inspection report, manual, and safety requirements. Numeric has consistently placed importance on safety and ensures the installation procedure is as robust and thorough as possible for reassuring and reliable use.