Secure your Business with the right AMC for UPS system

Last Updated on: 27-02-2023

Businesses now are dependent on technology like never before, and with customer delight and experience taking center stage, it is imperative to provide a continuous and seamless experience.

On the other hand, with increasing capital investments, including electrical and digital infrastructure, the need to invest simultaneously in a service contract with a trusted partner requires no emphasis.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) maintenance contracts serve as a central nerve to your business, saving not only the expensive hardware infrastructure but also ensuring business continuity, especially in critical work environments.

Choosing an AMC for the UPS system may be challenging if due attention is not given.

Prudence Vs. Cost Saving

The first argument in deferring AMC sign-ups for UPS system is the upfront payment required for services that may not be needed immediately. The need to protect your business calls for wise decisions and the most important is investing in a service contract.
When you plan long term and consider the impact your business could face, an annual maintenance contract will indeed be a prudent investment. A good AMC partner will offer you multiple AMC offers depending on the criticality of your business. Always choose a long term agreement than a short term contract to save costs.

Choosing The Right Partner

Once you have taken the right decision to sign a maintenance agreement, the next big question would be how to choose the right partner. Choose a partner who has a long-standing reputation in the market and has adequate infrastructure and experienced resources to provide on-time support.

While at the outset, most of the AMC offers available in the market may be the same, read between the lines to understand more. For UPS battery service, consider Numeric AMC offers, which has the largest service network in the country.

Trained Service Engineers

While choosing an AMC partner, look beyond just the costs. A trusted partner will also provide a backup of resource engineers to support you in situations arising from natural disasters and unexpected situations like power failure or power fluctuations.

A strong team of trained and skilled engineers who can resolve issues quickly and is available on-call basis closer to even your remote locations is worth your investment. References and testimonials could be a good measure to check the track record.

Emergency Services

A reputed and long-standing AMC partner will have a set process to operate during emergencies, whether natural calamity or otherwise. Besides the time tested standard operating procedure, your partner should also be available to render support during critical emergencies.
Before you sign on the dotted line, ensure your partner has proven capabilities handling unforeseen situations, especially if you run a critical business.

One can feel the importance of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the UPS system only in the absence of it. AMC is more like insurance; it is always good to be secured against any unexpected incidents that might disrupt your business.

Why Is AMC Important And How To Choose The Right Plan?

Annual Maintenance contracts can be challenging.
Here are a few tips to help you find the right plan.

  1. Decide when you have to start & what duration you need the AMC.
  2. Assess your risks (if you do not take an AMC for your UPS battery & if calamity strikes, what will be the loss)
  3. Review the available options and choices from the OEMs.
  4. Compare estimated yearly costs, not just monthly charges
  5. Check the value & services against each option available
  6. Consider what your requirement is
  7. Beware that when you compare the same offers with others, some may be too good to be true.
  8. Get help from the OEMs; they know their equipment better
  9. Get clarity on what is offered and what you will get
  10. Check with your team for the vendors’ performance if you already use their equipment. (Their Track record)

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