Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted Viewing

An abrupt power cut can ruin your viewing experience and severely damage your home theatre system and other supporting gadgets. Get uninterrupted viewing experience and protect expensive gadgets from unexpected power disruptions.

Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted Gaming

For novice or hardcore gamers, it is crucial to preserve data and stay ahead in your game. Power surges, blackouts, or sudden power cuts can lead not only to memory and data loss, but can also damage your gaming consoles. For uninterrupted gaming, ensure you have a protected source of back up available.

Numeric UPS

Uninterrupted Fun

Be it karaoke sessions, evening gatherings or get-together, a steady stream of entertainment is what determines a successful party. The delicate internal circuitry of equipment such as state-of-the-art speakers, music systems and other electronic devices is most vulnerable to power cuts and fluctuations. Therefore, to ensure uninterrupted fun, it is recommended to provide protection in case of a power surge.

Designed keeping your needs in mind, our UPS range provides reliable power backup to provide uninterrupted power to your fun and celebration..

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