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Keor XPE

500 - 2100 kW

Keor XPE is a modular, scalable and flexible high-power UPS system. Based on its 250 kW or 300 kW power units, it can provide maximum nominal power of 2.1 MW. Its 3-level Inverter technology delivers up to 97% online efficiency which significantly helps reduce power loss and ensures less stress on each component. Its sustainable design not only offers considerable energy saving, but also has high recyclable rate. Keor XPE is PEP certified and is the ideal solution for large data centers and critical power applications where continuity of service, high-quality power supply and low consumption is a necessity.


  • Upto 97% efficiency on low load level
  • Modular & Scalable Architecture to grow as per business needs
  • Hot-Serviceable design to ensure maximum availability & uptime
  • Individual Logic & Control provides redundancy at each level
  • Top & Bottom Cable entry for ease of installation
  • Installation against the wall for ease of maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Flexible physical layouts to ensure optimized footprints
  • 10’’ Smart display for ease of use
Keor XPE

Scalable Architecture

Keor XPE is a complete scalable UPS system based on 250 kW or 300 kW power units up to 2.1 MW. Each power unit with its individual logic control, can be combined with others to reach the needed power, or implement redundant configurations. Power expansion can be easily carried out at a later stage by installing additional power units.

Keor XPE


Keor XPE is specially designed to reduce losses and lower the management costs. Transformer free technology, 3 level converters, high efficiency even at low load level, combined with optimized ventilation and smart battery management ensure maximum protection at minimum consumption.

Keor XPE

Hot-Serviceable and Redundant

In case of redundant configurations, Keor XPE is hot serviceable for each of its components, as standard. As optional, the power units can be connected, removed or replaced while the rest of the system is continuously feeding and protecting the critical load.

Keor XPE

Flexible design and physical layouts

Keor XPE meets your diverse business needs, either to grow or to revamp your mission-critical applications. In fact, the flexibility of Keor XPE permits the realization of different architectural layouts: in-line, back to back, L-shape, U shape. It is also possible to keep a gap between the different cabinets that are part of the system.

Keor XPE

Infrastructure integration

The versatility of Keor XPE allows you to choose between different grounding systems, upper or lower input lines, cable or busbar connections, centralized or distributed batteries and much more. All of these features make Keor XPE exceptionally suitable and adaptable for integration into a wide range of infrastructures.

Keor XPE

Smart Display

The centralized 10’’ touch screen display, with intuitive and user friendly interface, allows to the user to fully monitor and control both the overall system and the single power units. The display also provides full diagnostics, systems logs and a wide set of advanced settings and fine tuning functions in 10 different languages.

Range 500 - 2100 kW
IOBM Capacity​ 600 kW - 2.1 MW​
Power Units Capacity (kVA)​ 250 kVA & 300 kVA​
Power Units Capacity (kW)​ 250 kW & 300 kW​
No of Power Units​ Depends on IOBM Capacity​
Maximum Number of Power Units​ 7
Number of Power Units (IF N+1 Redundant)​ 6+1
Technology On-line double conversion VFI-SS-111​
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz; range 45-65 Hz
Input Voltage ​ 400 Vac 3-phase + N
THDi​ < 3% ​
Output Voltage ​ 380, 400, 415V (3Ph+N+PE) ​
Efficiency Online ​ Upto 97%
Efficiency in GREEN mode ​ up to 99% ​
THD of output voltage ​ < 1% at full linear load ​
Output power factor ​ 0.7 leading to 0.5 lagging
Bypass Type ​ Centralized, Static Automatic no break
Battery/Storage Compatibility ​ VRLA, NiCd, Li-Ion, Flywheel ​
Number of 12V Batteries​ 60-62 No's​
Architecture Decentralize, Centralize Static Bypass
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